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WF Integrator Job Status Systems™

We have a customized job workflow for your business.

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Here are just a few of the job status systems available. Click on the box to the right to see the basic workflow of stages and tasks for your industry. Subtasks are not shown.

Construction services

You are responsible for all costs to perform, supervise, and administer physical construction work on a project. It’s a lot of moving pieces that can change or creep up. You need to be able to follow all the stages with a workflow to take some of the memory out of the responsibilities.

Creative Agency

Long hours, tight deadlines, job creep, and change orders, are part of a creative business stand operating procedures. However, missing any of these can be expensive. Workflows can show you each project and how it is progressing.


Working with electricity takes concentration and running the business of installing, repairing, upgrading electrical components takes organization. You need a workflow to keep your business flowing.


As a fencing contractor , you can replace an old fence, install a wood fence, or build a brick wall, for residential or commercial properties. Your competition is the store-bought fence installed by the homeowner so budgets are tight and timelines are tighter. You need a workflow to keep everything on the plan.


Installing a floor requires specific steps, certain materials, hard labor, and a knowledge that is different from other service industries and just like a floor that requires a setup to last, so does your business workflow.

General Contractor

Your responsible for overseeing a project, scheduling, handling tradespeople, managing vendors, which means you coordinate everything and need a workflow to take some of the memory out of the managing.

Graphic Design

Branding starts with memorable designs. A good design is not haphazard and while you may work up to the last minute, you need a workflow to remind you of the deadline. Our workflow has the ability to add notes and reminders for each member involved in the design.


Just as gutters are responsible for water management, a workflow is responsible for project management. Gutter installation has multiple steps including where to place downspouts, gutter leaf protection, colors and materials, and keeping the customer satisfied. Follow each project to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


The bulk of your time should be running your business and not remembering all the things you have to do. Use a workflow which will allow you the time to do more estimates and less checking to see what may have been forgotten.


While repairs can be inexpensive, for the most part working in heating and air requires more than knowledge and training, your deliverables are expensive. Every part of your job requires order.

Inspection Company

A visual and accessible to you may be a lot more involved that what the public would think, You work on volume and keeping track of all the parts to an inspection from the paperwork, on site, and following up could use a workflow.

Interior Design

The business side deals with deadlines including bid dates. Our workflow includes emailing you reminders to submit your proposal by the due date and to follow up.

Marketing Campaign

There’s more to a marketing campaign than ideas and budgets. There’s implementation and that takes a concerted effort of the whole team. A workflow provides transparency and accountability with milestones and goals.


Just as you calculate how much and what type of paint you need for an area and you need a workflow that follows the details that make sure your business runs smoothly and successfully.

Pest Control

Part of treating a yard and house for termites, bed bugs, mice, etc requires verifying the customer will be there. You need a workflow that automatically keeps your team up to date on cancellations and additions.


Working with supply pipes and waste drains is a complex process to keep everything flowing with no leaks. Running your business is just as complex but the leaks and waste may not be as quickly identified without a workflow.

Property Manager

When you have so many clients from the property owners and investors to the tenants, add vendors and collections, you need a specific flow to track it all. Managing the process can be less stressful with a workflow.


Just as you need to be able to calculate how much time to plan on for a remodel along with all the costs involved, you need a workflow. To see the details to make sure all the remodeling projects are running smoothly and successfully.

Roofing Company

Where do you start when everything you do is off the ground and hard to reach? You need a workflow that not only follows the stages of dealing with insurance companies but also allows your team to upload pictures to discuss unforeseen problems.

Sales Campaign

Cold calls are not fun but a great closer knows the process. A sales team systematically organizes prospects and a good workflow makes sure a potential customer does not get forgotten.