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We create customized job status systems to help businesses grow.

A quick tour of the WF Job Status Systems™ in 8 slides

Log in to your WF Workflow account

You will be in the Projects Area

Projects are color coded by progress:

Red = a task is overdue
Blue= the project is in progress
Purple = the project is pending
Green = the project is completed.

Click on a Project

It will open showing you a page with the Overview of the project.
At the top click on Tasks.


You may see any Overdue Tasks with a red alert symbol

Dashboard shows overview of all the projects you are assigned.

You can add specific projects to the Dashboard to see the progress.

You can have a customized Information Form with job details.

The form can link to your on-line Accounting software to save you duplicating the new customer information.


You can archive projects for future reference.

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