Pay Once. We set up your job schedule workflow.

We create customized job status systems to help businesses grow.

Business Workflow Overview

WF Integrator Job Status Systems™

We are dedicated to providing the best customer experience.

1. One payment

The common business module is to have reoccuring income. But as a business owner, you have enough monthly payments that will last FOREVER. As business owners, we don’t like it either. That is why our workflow has one price, one time.  All you need is to give us access to a company portal site.

2. Easy To Use

Without information you do not need, the Dashboard, Project Board, and Calendar are simple and fast. They give you an overview of the entire project. Job scheduling is set up in stages and to update the status, just click that it is completed. A stage cannot be marked completed until all the parts of the task are completed. Overdue projects are in red to stand out.

3. Customized For Your Business

Only the items you want to see are on your Dashboard and Project Board. You do not need to spend hours and days typing in your company information, job history, employees details, or define their access—We do it! We set up the user sign-ins and based on your designations to allow access and operation to the specific processes. A dropdown with users can quickly choose who is in charge of each task along with start and due dates and times.

4. Notifications of Job Progress

Automatic email updates are sent out on projects as well as alerts of approaching deadlines so you don’t miss an important date. Be alerted when there is a concern with a task through a discussion board which are attached to each project for problems that alert and allow for group solutions. See all projects on your dashboard and each users has their own dashboard with the projects they are assigned to work on.

5. Cloud Accessible 24/7

The WF Workflow is accessible on Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet wherever you have Wi-Fi or cell reception. This handy worktool allows you to be able to check on the different functions of a project to make sure they are on schedule and ask questions if they are not through the discussion board. It allows your staff to communicate a concern and for you to respond at all hours.

6. Portal and Backups

If by any chance something is deleted or messed up, you will have daily backups through your portal on GoDaddy. Just call and we will replace your current site with the backup.

We have a simple 5 step instructions on how to set up your own compnay portal site on GoDaddy. You pay GoDaddy approximately $155.88 and then follow the 5 step set up guide we send you with pictures. If you do not want to deal with it, you also have the option for us to set it up.

7. World Class Support

Isabel the Chat bot, IT help desk, frequently asked questions link, video tutorials, and operating manuals are just some of the options available to keep the Workflow flowing. Job tickets and responses are within 24 hours on email questions.

Optional Add-On Features

Face to face instruction class

If you don’t have time to read the simple manual and watch videos, we can schedule a Zoom meeting with you and all your users to teach the easy to use WF Job Status System.

Set up Intranet portal site on GoDaddy

If you would like us to set up your GoDaddy company portal with username, etc, we are glad to help out. You own the site.

Update system and maintenance

If you would like us to yearly or quarterly update the plugins, accessories, and archive projects we would be glad to help you.

Customer Forms

Every company has a customer information form and all need to be customized for your industry and sales people. We are experienced at designing and merging the form with your workflow.

Client Engagement System Option

No monthly payment or yearly contract. You pay one price and we provide you a number of different ways to reach your customers

Know your customers and have your customers know you. This is a personalized customer relationship program with communications through postcards, letters, newsletters, and texts. We supply the email blasts elements, such as content, images. Our service includes the designs for newslettters, postcards, and letters, ready for you to print out and send when you need them. Call for options and pricing.